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3rd Party Plugins

IMPORTANT: Please note, we do not provide any support for these plugins or integrations. None of these plugins are made by us and are not sold on our site or included in our core extensions bundle. If you need support for one of these plugins please contact the developer of that plugin.

  • WP Zapier - Integrate Ultimate Member with Zapier using WP Zapier
  • UM Switcher - Sell subscriptions for Ultimate Member powered by Woocommerce
  • Who to Follow - Widget for show user follow suggestions
  • UM Tagging - Tag or mention your users in the Ultimate Member activity feed without using the friends or followers extensions
  • UsersInsights - Analyze, Segment and Search your Members Data
  • UM Profiler - Member Cards + Gallery
  • AWeber - Integrate Ultimate Member with the email marketing software AWeber
  • MailPoet - Integrate Ultimate Member with the popular WordPress email plugin MailPoet
  • WP Job Manager - Integrate Ultimate Member with the popular WP Job Manager plugin
  • WPFUSION - Integrate Ultimate Member with InfusionSoft using the WPFusion plugin
  • WP User Frontend - Integrate Ultimate Member with WP User Frontend using this addon
  • Goodbye Captcha - Integrate Ultimate Member with the anti-spam plugin Goodbye Captcha
  • Gallery - Add photo and video galleries to user profiles with this extension
  • Relational Fields - Add relationships between users, post types and taxonomies on your site
  • Active Campaign - Integrates Ultimate Member with ActiveCampaign
  • Relationships - Allow users to display their family and spouse relationships on their profile
  • Visitors - Allow users to see who has viewed their profile and when
  • Stories - Allow users to create journal entries from their profile
  • Documents - Allow users to upload files that can be downloaded by others and the public
  • User Gallery - Allow users to upload photos to their profile.

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