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When it comes to creating sites with user to user interaction it is important to keep users on your site and make sure they are engaged. High levels of user engagement and interaction are vital for the long-term success of a community site so it is important you do everything to encourage engagement and interaction amongst users.

You want to make sure people are returning and spending time on your site. Email notifications are an effective way of getting people back to your site but once on your site you need a method for keeping users informed and engaged. This is where a notification system on your website can help.

Online notification systems allow users to be alerted to actions that directly affect them in real-time. Without an online notification system users will find it much more difficult to keep track of their interactions. That is why many popular user based sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium etc provide a notification system.

 Real-time Notifications

To ensure that your site’s users can effectively keep up with interactions we have created a real-time notification extension which alerts users on your site when an action occurs that is related to them.

The extension works by adding a notification button to your site in the bottom-right corner. When a user receives a notification the button will briefly expand and turn red alerting the user that they have received a new notification.

You can make it so notifications popup on the bottom left of screen

The user then clicks the notification button which will display the notification pop-up.

User can see notifications via the notification button/popup or by going to the notifications page

The pop-up displays the most recent notifications and also contains a link to view all notifications on the notifications page that is installed with the extension.

Extension creates a notification page which shows a user's past notifications

The extension also enables users to control which notifications they receive which is important as it allows users to have more control over their experience on your site.

User can control what notifications they want to receive from their account page

Notification types

The real-time notification extension works as a stand alone extension with Ultimate Member core and WordPress and provides several interactions. It can alert users when someone views their profile, leaves a comment on their post, replies to their bbPress topic or when their user role is changed by an admin.

Close up of notifications popup

However, where this extension really excels is in its integration with current and future Ultimate Member extensions. In the future as the number of extensions we offer increases the notifications extension will be able to alert users to almost any action such as when users receive a friend request or get a new follower; when they receive a new private message and much more.

If you want to increase user engagement and interaction on your site then this is definitely an extension you should consider for your site.

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member.

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