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    What is the purpose of Member Directories?
    Every access rule is set via Roles so I can’t see the usage and meaning with Directories.


    Hi Andreas,

    The member directory is for displaying a list of users on your site so users can find one another.

    Thanks 🙂


    But there are only one role per user? Not possible to set multiple roles to one profile?
    But one user can be member to zero to multiple directories?


    With UM, a user can only have 1 UM user role at a time.

    One UM directory can include more than 1 UM user role (which would display users from more than 1 UM user role).

    If you exclude, for example, the default UM member user role from your directory, then all users with UM user role member will not be displayed in your directory.

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    So how to create the following case:

    1. Different users added to different Member Directories.
    2. Only show specific pages and forums for specific Member Directories.

    One user should be member of different groups/directories/roles.


    What I miss with UM is the flexibility to be member of different groups, not only one and only one 🙂


    So the only way out here is to use WP Multi Site? I really hope not!
    Is it possible to use the API to set multiple member roles or group membership?
    Somehow the plugin should support groups for users…


    No, UM does not have a way to set a user to various user roles or groups yet I am afraid.

    We apologize for this, by groups you mean user roles right?


    Well, preferable I would use the term Group but in WordPress “Roles” are used. Take a look at the plugin Members!

    I think I will try to use the Members plugin on top of UM to avoid going to WP Multi Site.

    Hopefully you will continue to expand the UM towards a competitor to BuddyPress. Add some kind of capability expander and you are set to go 🙂


    After some research I would recommend the WordPress plugin Groups instead as it has a lot of documentation and API to use inside your theme/plugins.


    I can close this topic now? And continue with the newer one?



    Yes, thanks!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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