New extension: Private Content


Do you want to show unique private content to each user when they are logged in to your site? Now you can with our latest extension Private Content.

The private content extension provides each user with their own content area in the wp-admin which you can use to provide each user with customized content on their user profile (or anywhere on your site using a shortcode).

How does it work?

The extension adds a private content area for each user. You can access this by going to your wp-admin > all users page and hovering over a user and clicking the private content link.

Admin can create private content for each user via the all users page in wp-admin

You will then be taking to the page where you can add content that only that particular user can view.

Once you’ve added private content for the user, the user will then be able to see this private content by going to their profile > private content tab.

This tab is optional and if you dont want to include it on the profile it can be disabled in the settings. You can also give the profile tab a unique name and icon from settings.

The tab will only appear in the profile menu for a user if you have added private content for them. If their private content page in wp-admin is empty then no profile tab will show.

If you dont want the private content to be shown on the profile, you can have users view it anywhere on your site using the shortcode: [um_private_content]

What can I use this for?

The private content extension is perfect for when you need to provide private information to users which varies for each user.

This could be a workout routine, results from a test, a diet plan, job feedback or anything else that requires personalised information on a user to user basis.

How to get the extension?

The extension can be bought individually or as part of our bundle package. If you already have an active license for bundle you will be able to download the extension from your account page > downloads tab.

Let us know your thoughts

We’re excited to see how people implement this into their sites. So if you install private content on your site, let us and everyone else know how you are using the extension.

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member.

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