New website & Ultimate Member 2.0 update


If you are reading this blog post you may have noticed our website looks a bit different to the last time you were on it.

That’s because we have been working on a completely new design for the site over the last couple of months and today the new site design went live.

We decided to switch themes and build the site using the Beaver Builder theme and plugin.

However, we’ve not only just switched themes and changed the design. We’ve also created a new logo and changed our branding to incorporate a new color scheme.


Our website design hasn’t changed much since we launched UM over two years ago. Things start to look old so we decided that with us working on a big update to UM (2.0) that now was the right time to create a fresh new look for the UM brand.

With the new branding/website and UM 2.0 being released soon (no exact ETA at the moment), this marks an important new chapter in our business as we take UM to new levels.

We hope you like the new site design as much as we do ?

UM 2.0 update

It’s been over month since we announced we were working on UM 2.0 and I am happy to say that most of the major coding work for the 2.0 update has been written.

We are now internally testing and reviewing all of the proposed code for UM 2.0 and making any necessary tweaks/adjustments.

Once we are happy with how it is looking, we will make UM 2.0 available for beta testing by our users. So far we have:

  • Built a native settings framework and removed the redux framework from the plugin
  • Implemented a new extension license management system into the settings
  • Switched UM to use default WP roles
  • Edit default WP capabilities for user roles
  • Improved content restriction with new meta box
  • Improved emails
  • Removed feature bloat from settings to keep only important settings that are core to the plugin’s functionality and purpose
  • Changed the uninstall process
  • Optimized UM class structures
  • Added new dependencies logic for extensions


Here are a couple of screenshots of UM 2.0 so you can see some of the changes that have been made.

New content restriction meta box for pages/posts/CPTs

UM will allow admins to edit the default capabilities of user roles

New email interface in the plugin settings for managing user emails and admin notifications

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member.

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