After a 3 month break, we are opening up priority support for purchase again.

At the end of September we stopped selling priority support as we were struggling to provide the high level of support that was offered as part of priority support.

This was because our user base had grown dramatically since January 2015 and we were still a team of two at the time and had become too stretched by the demands of supporting the plugin’s user base.

Since then a lot has changed. We’ve moved to a more efficient email ticketing system and hired two developers to help with support and development. This has allowed us to make support more manageable.

Why we are offering priority support again

We’ve decided to start offering priority support services again for a couple of reasons. 1 – We’ve received requests from users asking if they can pay for support and 2 – we want to continue hiring more staff.

However, for us to hire more support staff now we need to increase our revenue which is where priority support comes in.

By investing all money raised from sales of priority support into paying for additional staff member(s) wages we will be able to grow our team.

What this means is the more people who purchase priority support, the more members of staff we can hire. This will not only allow us to provide priority support but will enable us to improve support times as a whole and increase product development speeds as well.

How much does priority support cost?

We offer two different priority support packages. The first is a 45 day priority support package which cost $99 and the second is a 1 year package which costs $299.

The first is suited for people who will need faster help when first getting started with Ultimate Member and the year package is best for people who want the fastest possible support guaranteed all year round.

So if you are looking to have your support tickets answered first and/or want more in-depth support then consider purchasing our priority support service as you will not only get faster support but it will help us to continue to grow Ultimate Member and make it even better!

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member - a free online community & user profile plugin for WordPress.

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  1. This is easily, the best social plugin for creating a WordPress community. Out of the box, the layouts on my template files are really clean. Very impressed.

    Are there plans in the future, of integrating the private content or registration feature with any Ecommerce solution such as Paypal or If that add-on were supported I think it would be a huge success and I would definitely support it.

    Best wishes, Brian Bookwalter

  2. Good move Calum, I will need this priority support in the near future. Btw, Why don’t you have an affiliate program. We are, the satisfied customers would to write about UM to recommend to our readers.


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