Product Update: August


Product Update is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Here’s what’s been happening in August.

What’s new ?

UM2.0 beta

After several months of development, UM2.0 is now available for beta testing. It can be downloaded directly here using this link.

A lot has been changed in UM2.0, so if you want to test UM2.0 beta, please do not install on your live site.

If you want to test it, please create a clone of your existing site or create a new install of WordPress to test it out.

UM2.0 should only be installed on your live site once it has been officially released on the repo.

If you find an issue with UM2.0 please create an issue on Github for it.

Main changes

The main focus for UM2.0 has been to make improvements to Ultimate Member for the long term future of the plugin.

The biggest changes to the plugin have been removing UM roles from the plugin and using WP native roles and switching from using the redux framework for settings to using native WP settings.

Improvements have also been made to content restriction and emails.

There is a lot more we plan on improving in the future and the initial release of UM2.0 has been  focused on providing the solid platform for new functionality/extensions to be added to the plugin.

Extensions 2.0 beta

We’ve also created beta versions for all UM extensions which are compatible with UM2.0. To download the beta versions of the extensions please login to your account page and go to the downloads tab to download the beta versions of the extensions. You will need to make sure the license keys for each extension are activated and linked to a site to be able to see the beta versions.

For the free extensions you can download the beta versions here: Terms & Conditions, Google reCAPTCHA, Online Users

If you find an issue with a 2.0 extension please submit a ticket via our site and mention in the ticket it is with the 2.0 version.

Installing UM2.0 and extensions

If you’re installing UM2.0 and 2.0 extensions on a clean install of WP, you can install the plugins by simply going to the add new plugins page and clicking the upload plugin link then selecting the plugin from your computer.

If you’ve created a clone of your existing site and want to update the plugin/extensions to 2.0, you should install this plugin on your site first.

This will allow you to manually update existing plugins using the same upload plugin method.

Before installing UM2.0 you should take a full backup of your site/database so you can restore your site if needed. You can use a backup/restore plugin if your hosting does not offer backup/restore services.

If you need to rollback to previous version of core plugin, you can install this plugin, which makes it easy to rollback to a previous version of the plugin.

2.0 Changelog

For Users:

  • added activation dependencies for extensions;
  • added Licenses checking and changed Licenses page;
  • added uninstall.php file for delete permanently all UM settings;
  • added ability to register users without WP Registration enabled;
  • Account page shortcodes for each tab content;
  • changed UM Option View (deprecated/added options);
  • changed UM Roles, optimized for WP native logic;
  • changed backend forms/fields to WP native styles;
  • changed Content Restriction feature for posts, taxonomies, menus;
  • changed Email Notifications settings and using templates logic;
  • deprecated Redux Framework;
  • deprecated old unusable options
  • deprecated old unusable forms metadata;
  • deprecated old unusable member directories metadata;
  • deprecated old unusable user roles metadata;
  • optimized registration/upgrade profile process (some hook deprecated);
  • optimized some code parts, deprecated some functions;
  • fixed avatars on some SSL installs;
  • fixed some vulnerabilities;
  • fixed integrations with core/extensions;
  • fixed “Edit Profile” button at members directory;
  • fixed conditional logic PHP validation and JS validation (for IE,Edge browsers);
  • updated FontAwesome library;
  • removed addons to separate extensions;

For Developers:

  • new code structure, optimized for next development;
  • created spl_autoloader for remove includes;
  • UM classes with namespaces;
  • deprecated global $ultimatemember; variable (use UM() instead);
  • new ajax handlers in separate classes (by objects);

Deprecated hooks:

  • um_new_user_registration_plain
  • um_user_registration_extra_hook
  • um_add_user_frontend
  • um_post_registration_global_hook
  • um_admin_extend_directory_options_general (was action…will be filter)
  • um_account_tab__{$tab_id}
  • um_account_display_tabs_hook
  • um_account_user_photo_hook__mobile
  • um_account_user_photo_hook
  • um_after_follow_button_profile
  • um_after_new_user_register will be “um_user_register”
  • um_user_registration
  • um_before_new_user_register
  • um_post_registration will be “um_registration_complete”
  • um_post_registration_listener
  • “um_post_registration_save” will be “um_registration_set_extra_data”
  • um_user_profile_extra_hook

UM Extensions General:

  • created Plugin Updater for getting updates and license details from Shop;
  • removed old EDD updates class;
  • added uninstall.php file for delete permanently UM extensions settings;
  • textdomain fixes;

UM bbPress:

  • fixed the calculation of all subscriptions;

UM Friends:

  • fixed sorting members directory by “most friends” and “least friends”;
  • fixed allow admin to edit friends only profile;

UM Recatpcha:

  • fixed initialization two captcha v2 in single page;

UM Reviews:

  • fixed display of stars in Member Directories;
  • fixed when creating the review, two Ajax requests were sent in Firefox;

UM Social Activity:

  • fixed Chinese and Russian Hashtags working;
  • added GravityForms add form/submit form activities;

UM Social Login:

  • fixed Facebook autoload;

UM User Tags:

  • fixed filter and widget when user have 2 fields with the same tax attribute(tag group);

UM Woocommerce:

  • fixed displaying of “Total Orders” and “Total Spent” in Member Directories

What’s next ?

UM2.0 release

UM2.0 will be released once the beta period ends. We hope to have UM2.0 released by the end of this month but this will depend on the feedback we receive on UM2.0.

Groups extension

Work is continuing on the groups extension and we hope to release this shortly after UM2.0 is released.

Calum Allison

Founder of Ultimate Member.

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