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This free extension integrates Ultimate Member with the forum plugin ForumWP

Key Features

  • All forum user links automatically redirected to Ultimate Member profile
  • Creates a forums tab on the Ultimate Member profile
  • Shows a user’s topics and replies on the forums tab
  • Shows count of topics and replies on profile
  • Allows user to control subscriptions and bookmarks from their profile
  • Lets you setup which roles can have a forums tab on their profile

Content Restriction Features

  • Allow forums to be accessed by certain user roles
  • Allow topics to be accessed by certain user roles
  • Control which roles can post topics or replies in specific forum(s)
  • Allow/prevent a specific user role from creating new topics/replies in forums
  • Manually disable creating new topics on user role basis

Important information

  • This extension requires a subscription to the ForumWP WordPress plugin. ForumWP is a paid only plugin.
  • Requires Ultimate Member 2.0.53+

Free Extension

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Extension Details

Last updated: 13/08/2020

Documentation: Setup

Minimum WP Version: 5.2.2

Minimum PHP Version: 7.0

Minimum Core Plugin Version: 2.0.53

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