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Add functionality with extensions

User Tags

With this extension you can add a user tag system to your website


Increase user interaction on your site by allowing users to follow each other


Alert users to important information using conditional notices

User Reviews

Allow users to rate & review each other using a 5 star rate/review system

Social Login

Let users register & login to your site via Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and more

Verified Users

Add a user verficiation system to your site so user accounts can be verified

User Photos

Allow users to upload photos to their profile

User Bookmarks

Allow users to bookmark content from your website

Real-time Notifications

Add a notifications system to your site so users can receive real-time notifications

Social Activity

Let users create public wall posts & see the activity of other users


Increase user interaction on your site by allowing users to become friends

Terms & Conditions

Add terms & conditions to your registration form

User Locations

Allow users to add their location and display users locations on a map

User Notes

Allow users to create public and private notes from their profile.

Private Messages

Add a private messaging system to your site & allow users to message each other

Private Content

Display private content to logged in users that only they can access

Profile tabs

Add custom tabs to profiles


Allow users to create and join groups around shared topics, interests etc.

Online Users

Display online users on your site so users can see who is online

Profile Completeness

Encourage or force users to complete their profile on your site



Allow users to select a profile cover photo from Unsplash from their profile

Google reCAPTCHA

Stop bots on your registration & login forms with Google reCAPTCHA


Integrates the popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce with Ultimate Member


Allow users to subscribe to your mailchimp lists when they signup on your site


With the myCRED extension you can integrate Ultimate Member with myCRED


With this extension, you can integrate Ultimate Member with JobBoardWP


With this extension, you can integrate Ultimate Member with ForumWP

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