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This free extension integrates Ultimate Member with the Job Board plugin JobBoardWP


Ultimate Member

  • User Profile tab with the user’s posted jobs
  • Adds a tab to account page for users with employer role

Ultimate Member – Social Activity

  • Displays posted jobs on the activity feed
  • Social Activity post when a job is filled

Ultimate Member – Private Messaging

  • Show’s button on the individual job post to message the person who submitted the job

Ultimate Member – Real-time notifications

  • Notification when your job is approved
  • Notification when your job has expired

Ultimate Member – User Bookmarks

  • Show bookmark icon on jobs list

Ultimate Member – Verified users

  • Only verified users can apply for jobs

Admin features

The plugin makes it easy for you to manage settings from the wp-admin.

Ultimate Member

  • Show account tab with jobs dashboard ( Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > JobBoardWP );
  • Show profile tab with the user’s jobs list ( Ultimate Member > Settings > Appearance > Profile Menu generally and for every role Ultimate Member > User Roles > Edit > JobBoardWP metabox);

Ultimate Member – Social Activity

  • Checkboxes to enable/disable activity posts regarding jobs in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Social Activity

Ultimate Member – Private Messaging

  • “Show messages button in individual job post” option in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Private Messages

Ultimate Member – Real-time notifications

  • Notifications templates in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Notifications

Ultimate Member – Verified users

  • “Only verified users can apply for jobs” option in Ultimate Member > Settings > Extensions > Verified users

Free Extension

Access Pass

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Extension Details

Last updated: 11/08/2020

Documentation: Setup

Minimum WP Version: 5.0

Minimum PHP Version: 5.6

Minimum Core Plugin Version: 2.1.7

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