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Support Policy


This Support Policy describes what support you can expect from us for the Ultimate Member plugin. If you have any questions about this Support Policy or do not agree with it, please contact us by clicking here before using the Website or the Ultimate Member plugin.

We may amend this support policy occasionaly, so you should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes that have been made. Any major changes will be covered in our blog. This Support Policy is effective from the 2nd November 2016.

What's included in free support

For free users of the plugin we provide a basic level of support for Ultimate Member which is provided via the community forum and includes the following:

  • Answering questions about Ultimate Member features and functions
  • Responsing to any bugs you may have found in the plugin
What's not included in free support

Due to time and resource constraints we are only able to provide a basic level of support for free users. The means we will NOT provide any of the following for free users:

  • Logging into your site to investigate or fix any issues you have with your site
  • Customization services or any other custom work
  • WordPress general support/howto’s (please, use forums for that)
  • Themes modifications and customizations
  • Third-party plugins integrations
  • Server diagnostics, maintenance or any other server related service
  • Any other things that are not related to our products directly
Support for users who purchase an extension(s) or bundle

Customers who purchase an extension(s) or bundle will be given support for the extension(s) via the our email ticketing system. When creating a support ticket, the user is required to enter the license code for the extension in the form.

The support that is provided for an extension is only given to questions that are directly related to the extension. Whilst we respond to extension questions before questions from free users, purchasing an extension does not entitle the customer to a higher level of support. Support for paid extensions is subject to the same conditions for free users (e.g no support at weekend, no custom work etc).

Support hours

Our official support hours are between 9AM and 5PM (UK time) Monday - Friday.


We provide Ultimate Member and its extensions as is. We don’t provide any customization services for our products nor do we provide support for any 3rd Party customizations of our products. If you need customization services we suggest you look for developers in our community forum or get in touch with WordPress developers on freelance sites.

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